Toronto Food Photographer Lana Malykh
As a Toronto food stylist and photographer I get inspired by the variety and the diversity of foods and ingredients available to me. I enjoy working with different cultures and going outside of my comfort zone photographing food that I am less familiar with. In the past I've worked with caterers, restaurateurs, bloggers, business owners, publishers, CPG companies, and other entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life. 
As a food photographer I like working with natural light and never stop looking for beauty in its most natural form. I do a lot of my work from my home photography studio in Leslieville, Toronto but I'm also highly mobile and go wherever inspiration takes me. 
In addition to commercial food photography, I'm passionate about lifestyle and brand photography, still life photography (including still life food photography) and lifestyle product photography.
My corporate marketing background allows me to understand the business side of the projects I provide my creative skills for. I know that pictures are worth a thousand words and that every brand strives to communicate in its own unique way. My photography style is flexible to accommodate a range of needs from mostly functional to highly creative. 
I look forward to help you with your food, still life, lifestyle and product photography needs.
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